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Tapered leaders

Bendy! Which means optimal performance in conflicting currents. We like that a lot.

These leaders also feature a uniform charcoal tint, limiting light refraction and increasing stealth. My unscientific but lengthy comparative testing lead me to conclude that the charcoal tint might just be more cammo than the actual cammo stuff.

Designed with as much thought and detail as a 110’ fly line.

Highly recommended.


6.5” Split Ring

fishing pliers

Exhaustive list of features includes non-slip grip, spring-loaded jaws fashioned from corrosion-resistant aluminum and high carbon jaws that are coated with Titanium Nitride. Able to split open rings and remove or replace hooks in seconds, they also feature split shot and leader sleeve crimping cutouts. Jaw design made hook extraction even on larger, toothy fish a snap.

Our testing on the carbide cutters bordered on abusive and these comfortable, grippy, ultra-functional pliers cleared every hurdle with ease.

Available at very attractive price.

Sheath included.

Highly recommended.


Fly Patch w/threader

What’s your preference? Foam? Magnets? Slit foam? This patch has it all, and throws in a threader for your tiniest bugs (I’m amazed at how many fly anglers have never investigated threaders… anyone who has ever complained about varying light conditions or waning eyesight owes it to themselves to equip themselves with a threader – which makes tying on a fly of any size a snap).

Made with solid, ultralight materials. Smartly vented, flies dry quickly.

Impressive 100+ bug capacity.

Highly recommended.