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Dorado CVO PFG Shoe

The 2018 Dorado was hard to beat, so I wondered how Columbia could improve it.

The new shoe sports standard fishing shoe attributes: quick-lace system, breathable/quick-drying mesh upper, non-marking wet grip traction via razor siping and stain resistant treatment.

The 2019 Dorado CVO PFG has been improved both inside and out. The insole is more cushioned, has more spring to it and locks your foot into place better than previous generation Dorados – think of it as an anti-slip function for the inside of your shoe.

The outside has been toughened up with the addition of (attractive) welded belting around the perimeter of the shoe, rendering the 2019s more scuff resistant than ever.

All this in a stylish package: whether on a skiff or marina bar, PFG Dorados have you covered.

Highly recommended.



ICAST 2019 is about to launch…

On July 9 – 12, Orlando FL is where everything that’s new and improved in the world of fly fishing will make its splashy debut.

Fly Gear Guide does its best to provide unbiased reviews on a consistent basis. Our “3 reviews per week” works out to a whopping 120 – 130 item reviews per year (we take the occasional week off for intensive product testing): this is a call to ICAST exhibitors and, generally, all makers of fly fishing things to submit their products for review. Just hit the “contact” link to let us know of any gear item(s) you’d like featured on the site.

Our review policy:

Being well-versed in R&D, manufacturing and marketing, we are keenly aware of the time and effort required to deliver a fly fishing product to market. Because of this, Fly Gear Guide does not publish negative reviews. Solid products get solid reviews. Inferior products are returned to the manufacturer with notes on deficiencies and - whenever possible - suggestions on how to correct/improve them and no review is posted. 

Enjoy ICAST 2019 and Tight loops!

from the Fly Gear Guide team: Robert, John and Greg.


Hemingway Performance Fishing Shirt

As feature-packed as the Poplin version we reviewed a few months back: see below for list of fishing- specific goods.

What makes this shirt a standout is that it’s an excellent travel partner: polyester performance is built in. Fish it, wash it in a sink and hang to dry so that you can use it that same evening: dries in a snap and wrinkle free. Two or three of these shirts will cover you for an entire one-week fishing excursion.

Those fishing-specific goods: 2 large bellows chest pockets, with pocket button loops that can double as leader loops, 2 shoulder yoke vents with a hidden net panel across shoulders to keep you cool and unrestricted shoulder geometry for all day casting comfort. Sun collar unfolds to keep the sun off your neck, obligatory roll-up sleeve tabs.

The shirt can be stuffed into a zipped chest pocket for easy travel (zippered chest pocket also doubles as a passport pocket).

UV Protection built in. Attractively priced.

Tailored on the large side, so remember to downsize by one size if ordering on-line.

Highly recommended.